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Salsa, Contemporary, Street, Ballet, Tap, Commercial, Irish Dancing, Bollywood, Afrobeat, Dance Fitness... There's never been so much variety in one club! Open to all ability levels!


Chantal Ressurrecion 2165030

Lauren Shepherd 2106192
Performance Director

Jasmine Lue 1945178
Events Executor
Talent Acquisition
Financial Strategist 

Martina Basile 2055071
Social Events Coordinator

Giorgina Morran Sarria 2113356
Social Media Director 

Aphra Hallam 1915422
Social Media Manager

Outside Members Representative - Andrea Perera

Club Ballet Representative - Jenny Sauer 2016531
Club Hip hop Representative - Blake Ngo 2047208
Club Acro Representative - Annabelle Maisonneuve 1906384
Club Tap Representative - Sarah 1900092
Club Irish Representative - Elsa 1903730
Club Salsa Representative - Shamai Monnaie 2158991
Club Contemporary Representative - Hei Ling Chan 2027684
Club Commercial Representative - Dairine Quinn 2118472
Callet Clouds Representative -Tiago Esteves 2101827
Callet Clouds Representative - Bashini 2144358



Weekly Classes:

All classes take place in the Isambard Studios! 


Salsa 7-9pm 


Contemporary 12-1

Acro 1-2

Media 2-3 

Hip hop beginners 7-8

Hip hop advanced 8-9


Commercial 6-7

Ballet 7:30-9 


Tap 4-6

Contact Us:

Please see our:

Utube:https: // 
Instagram: @bruneldance
Whatsapp group:

Feel free to send us any questions you have :)


Join Us:

All our classes are open to anyone with the Dance Membership which is FREE once you have bought the Union Sports Membership. To those outside of the uni,  it is £2 per lesson in cash. 

Upcoming Events:

We regualrly host charity events, workshops, socials, photoshoots, shows and competitions. To find out first what our plans are in 2022-23. Find us on Instagram and meet our comittee team.