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About Us

Brunel's Economics and Finance Society is finally back!

We are very excited to announce the re-establishment of the Economics and Finance Society here at Brunel University London. This society was created with the intention of bringing together students from all levels who are studying any economic or financial related course to get to know their fellow course-mates!

The Economics and Finance Society is a student-run society and as a member, you will have a fair say in what events the society participates in and which services we can provide to you. We are a friendly bunch of people who are here to provide all our members a society that works hard & plays hard!

This year, we aim to provide students with many different things. Professionally, we will provide our members with CV & cover letter workshops, company visits, insight into seperate companies. But the biggest thing that we are working on is bringing in companies for networking events & insight lectures. 

However don't fear, we do have fun as well! We have dinners, we go out together, we go bowling, the list goes on and on! But the best thing is that we don't require constant commitment from our members. You don't have to come to ALL events. It's up to you to chose what you want to do and what you don't want to do. It's our way of keeping our very culturally diverse community happy.


The overall aim of the society:

The aim of this society is to build a community of like-minded people that share enthusiasm for all things economics and finance.


The objectives of the society:

a) We aim to host academic and social events.

b) To provide a space for like-minded students to socialise and network.

c) To provide a space where all students of the Economics and Finance department can communicate and collaborate on their studies.


Our activities:
  • Social events i.e. dinners, movie nights, bowling, etc.
  • Company visits / Insight into seperate companies.
  • Bringing in companies for networking events & insight lectures
  • Group study sessions / Academic support.
  • Debates about economics topics.
  • Read about current economic topics. Discuss & exchange ideas.


Committee: 2022-23

Chair: Hafsa Habibur



Secretary: Tasha Zikusooka



Treasurer: Sanya Suleman



Web Officer: Hafsa Habibur