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About Us

Handball is a fast paced, high scoring and hugely popular European sport that everyone should try. All abilities are accepted and welcomed so don't be afraid to come along and try something new.

Brunel University Handball Club

We were established in 2012 following the publicity handball received during the Olympics. 
Don't hesitate to giving handball a try!
We're a friendly club with socials every Wednesday and can accommodate for any member at any level! 

In 2021/2022 we’ve achieved Gold CASES and the Most Improved Club award. We were also nominated as the Most Charitable Club after raising money for various charities totaling over £1000!
We have also sustained partnerships with both our sponsors Concept Capital Group and Premier Handball League team West London Eagles. 

Teams and Competition Information:
We’ve established two men’s teams and a women’s team. 
Our first men’s team compete in the England Handball Association’s Regional League (which is also accessible for alumni to compete in) - Members of our women’s team can also compete in the Regional League with our partner club West London Eagles (WLE). 
All three teams play in BUCS, our own university league and have the opportunity to play in the Premier Handball League with our partner club West London Eagles, with games generally being on the weekend. When game dates are published, the committee create a calendar for you to keep track! 

External competitions include the Nations Cup, allowing you to represent your nation (on the first weekend of July). As well as the British Beach Handball Championships which generally take place in Bournemouth, meaning there will be many opportunities for you to play all throughout the year!

Training Sessions
We will have 2 sessions per week, plus an additional session for strength & conditioning. 
You can also have additional opportunities to train with our patner club WLE who train Wednesday and Thursday evenings. 


  1.  Gold CASES
  2.  Most Improved Club 2021/2022
  3.  Raised over £1000 with our Charity events 
  4.  Nominated for most Charitable club and Club of the Year 2021/22
  5.  First place in the Men’s England Handball Association (EHA) Regional League  2021/22
  6.  Second place in Men’s National Championships 2021/22 & 2022/23
  7.  First Women’s wins in National Championships and University League 2021/22
  8.  First place in the Women's National Championships 2023/24

Opportunities for Personal and Professional Development 

We offer various volunteering opportunities throughout the year including bake sales and have collaborated with multiple charities to run fundraising events. Events include our Fiesta, UV handball tournament and School Equipment dropoff (which can all be seen on our Instagram @Brunelhandball). 
We also encourage members to gain EHA coaching, refereeing and table officiating qualifications. 

Committee 2023 - 2024
Vice-Chair (Men's Team) - DAWID HENDRYCH
Vice-Chair (Women's Team) - BRYN MACDOUGALL
Social Secretary - RAY RAY
Web Officer - ANNA BOERNER

Kit Manager- EMIL OVESEN

Sponsor Manager - AHMAD AL-BARQAWI
Equipment Manager - ZAC LEIGHTON - DITCHBURN


Club Aims

  1.     Continue to assist with the development of handball within the UK
  2.     To give all players an opportunity to compete at their respected levels
  3.     Increase team size for both men and women's teams
  4.     Provide high quality training for all members 
  5.     Allow opportunities for personal and professional development 
  6.     To maintain a sustainable relationship with Concept Capital Group and West London Eagles

Contact Us!
For more information check out our Instagram and Facebook pages @brunelhandball for the latest news
You can also email at for any questions!