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About Us

Brunel Hindu Society is one of the largest faith societies at Brunel with over 200 members from nearly every corner of the globe.



We aim to bring people together who share the same values and beliefs and create a home-away-from-home feeling for all our members. This society performs many different rituals and celebrates many festivals, the main being Navratri, Diwali, Holi and many more... Our society is also affiliated with the NHSF (National Hindu Students Forum), one of the most significant student movements in the UK which allow us to connect and collaborate with other universities to enhance our members understanding of dharma and Hindu culture. NHSF also encourages Sewa (selfless service) amongst its members, by organising various inter-university sports competitions and religious festivals such as the annual Diwali Ball and London Zone Navratri.

We’re here to help you settle into University and make this year one of your best academic years.

Who Are The Committee Members?

  • President- Taksh Shah
  • General advisor- Pooja Ramchandani
  • Vice President- Pooja Ramchandani
  • Treasurer- Vaibhav Sharma
  • Secretary- Isha Parekh
  • Events Officer- Hiya Kundalia
  • Web Officer- Tanya Asher
  • Sports Officer- Abhay Kumar
  • Sanskar & Sewa Coordinator- Vaibhav Sharma
  • Social Secretary- Riya Vicente
  • Dance Coordinator- Yasmin Patel


Events And Activities:

We will be hosting a wide range of events including:

  • Aartis 
  • Dance Socials
  • Movie nights
  • Chai and Chaat socials
  • Garba
  • Diwali Ball
  • Holi
  • Games Night
  • Bollywood Karaoke
  • And Many More...

Where can you find us?

Follow us on Instagram @brunelhindusoc to stay updated.