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Brunel Motorsport offers students a way to enjoy racing no matter if you’re trying karting for the first time or are an experienced racer. We organise internal races and compete against other unis

Welcome to Brunel Motorsport! Brunel Motorsport offers students an affordable way to enjoy racing and socialise with like-minded people, no matter if you’re an experienced racer or are trying this exciting sport for the first time. We host a range of events throughout the year ranging from internal races at local tracks around London such as Teamsport Indoor Karting, to high-level outdoor Karting in the British Universities Karting Championship (BUKC).

Club Aims

  • Provide an affordable and more accessible way for students of all skill and experience levels to enjoy racing
  • Race in the BUKC with 2 teams at their respective levels


We currently enter 2 teams into the BUKC (British Universities Karting Championship).  Race days in the BUKC are like no other – it’s where universities across the UK come together to race wheel-to-wheel at some of the best racetracks across the country in high performance outdoor karts capable of 5-60mph in 4.5 seconds.


In order to race in the BUKC, you must first attend a BUKC test day. All experience levels are welcome to participate and can attend the available test days. You’ll receive your official race license to compete in the full series if your pace and skill are high enough for Club100 (the organiser)'s approval. You can find more information about the available test days here and you can create an account with BUKC team here.


 EUAN IRVINE- Chair and Team Captain

 DAN HENDERSON- Secretary and Team Captain

 SEB ALGIERI- Treasurer

 KIRA NELSON- Social Secretary



                                          Social Time-Trial Trip @ TeamSport                   2019 BUKC test day @ Buckmore                                            Indoor Karting Acton                                          Park Kart Circuit

Whether you intend to compete in every event or just a couple of social drives, everyone is welcome. Especially all you Brunel Bandits

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