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About Us

Lacrosse is a competitive sports club made up of an individual Men and Women's team. It's perfect for beginners and studded veterans alike! Join one of the most fun, active and social teams on campus!

About Us

Winners of Online Event of the Year, and Club Person 2021, Shortlisted for Club Of the Year, Online Presence and Club Person 2022 and, Club of the Year, Charity Club of the Year, and Most Improved Team (Women's) 2023...

Brunel Lacrosse began in 2009, and has grown in popularity ever since. Both the men's and women's teams have continued to show enthusiasm, drive, determination, and a vibrant attitude to all new members. 

87% of all members had never played Lacrosse before joining the club - everyone is welcome, no matter what skill level you are! We don't trial players, nor drop anyone from the team. Instead, we support and encourage one another, and work together to help improve and progress each other as a team and as individuals. We're passionate about maintaining our name as one of the most welcoming and friendly teams at Brunel and strive to spread the word of one of the most rapidly growing sports in the UK!

Away from the pitch, we're one of the most social clubs on campus: organising regular themed and casual socials before making our way to the campus club for the Juicy Wednesdayyy, not to be missed!

The committee all work tremendously hard in order for us to be recognised as the amazing club that we are, and we hope to achieve even more this year.

We have big plans for the year ahead and we want everyone we can to be a part of it. Brunel Lacrosse are waiting for you!

Club Aims

  1. Both Men's and Womens' teams to achieve a top 3 position in their respective leagues in the 2023/24 season
  2. Have our Men's and Women's teams thriving and growing - achieving a full house for our incoming committee 
  3. Raise money for charities of the club's choice
  4. Regain Gold CASES
  5. Create the most fun and imaginative socials at Brunel


Mondays 8-10 PM @ Brunel Sports Park Multiuse (hockey pitch)

Fridays 5-7 PM @ Brunel Sports Park Multiuse (hockey pitch)


BUCS matches (most) Wednesday afternoons for both teams.
Weekend friendlies and tournaments subject to organisation.

Varsity will be 20th March against St Mary's university @ Brunel.

Your Committee

Emmi Goldenberg - Chair of Lacrosse & Women's Vice Captain 

Laura Chauvet - Secretary

Keiran O'Brien - Treasurer & Men's Captain 

Tom Jones - Vice Chair & Men's Vice Captain & RAG Officer 

Thea Johnson - Events Officer

J Reid - Web Officer

Michaela Drobig & Will Leach - Social Secretaries 


Every Wednesday we have a social with a different creative theme! There will be awards for playing well during games (pints or shots, and non-alcoholic options)


If you have any questions...

Feel free to dm us on the @brunellacrosse Instagram page!

Any feedback...

Current members can fill out the feedback form here!