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About Us

Brunel Cricket is a friendly club, open to players of any ability. We are open to men and women, both with an indoor cricket team each during the winter and a Men's outdoor team during the summer.

Welcome to Brunel University Cricket Club! If you're looking for a vibrant, friendly sports team to play for while at university, then look no further. We take cricket seriously, but our main aim to make sure everyone enjoys themselves and can have a laugh, without putting too much pressure on getting results.

BUCC is open to players who have never played cricket before, those who played in the past at school or for their local club and are looking to get back into the game, or those who love the sport and wish to continue it at another level. BUCC will cater for players of any ability level.

The club currently run two indoor team in the indoor BUCS League and run one team for the outdoor BUCS League. The indoor league runs during the long winter pre-season, and gives players the opportunity to practice new skills, as even some of the most experienced cricketers may never have played indoor cricket before. Our outdoor season begins in April, and gives players the chance to put into practice what they've learnt over the course of the year, and to see how much they've improved over that time. The biggest event of our sporting calendar is Varsity, where we take on St. Mary's Twickenham in a game of indoor cricket at the end of March. This is a huge event for the entire university, and its our job to put them in their place and gets points of the board for Brunel and support all the other sports teams while we're there. It's a brilliant and very enjoyable event (as long as Brunel win!) and definitely not worth missing.

Brunel Cricket has always been about getting the most out of your time at university, and while training is important, we believe that having a strong social side to the club is also a key aspect of the club. You'll struggle to see a week go by without the club organizing something from its members, whether that's a night out in fancy dress or a good game of pub golf, we know that if people know each other better off the field, their on the field performance improves. Its not all about drinking though, with our curry night and Christmas dinner being two of the highlights of the social calendar. The main social event of the year is Tour, where we spend a week in a country much sunnier than Britain enjoying the weather and possibly the odd beverage or two, and if you ask any member of the club who's been on tour what it's like, make sure you have some time on your hands, as they'll have plenty of stories to tell you. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you down at a training session soon! 

Our Commitee 

Chair: Jackson Baillie 

Vice-Chair: Satwick Vinta 

1st Team Captain: Archibald Talman 

Secretary: Vignesh Kannan 

Treasurer: Shreshth Verma 

Web Officer: Aditya Sahni 


When do you meet for fixtures?:

Wednesdays from April onwards.

When do you meet for training?:

Monday – Sports Hall – 09:00-11:00

Wednesday – Sports Hall – 08:00-10:00 

Friday – Multi-use pitch – 15:00-17:00 (more likely for second term)

Club Aims:

To make sure all members of the club have the opportunity to improve as cricketers over the course of the year. To make the club as inclusive as possible to players of any ability, or even just members who prefer the social side of being apart of a sports club. To strive to compete in all forms of the game and to play to the best of our ability against all opposition.

Do you compete in BUCS League?:


Which BUCS League(s)?:

BUCS Cricket Indoor South Eastern

BUCS Cricket South Eastern Division 3A

If you have any questions or want to contact us please feel free to email us at

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