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About Us

Brunel Spartans MMA is Brunel University’s official Mixed Martial Arts academy. We are a fun and inclusive club looking for beginners and experienced fighters.

About us

Mixed martial arts is one of the fastest growing contact sports in the world. Our club combines traditional striking forms (boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai), with grappling (amateur wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), into a single, flexible and adaptable system of fighting. So why not get to try them all in this club...

Although sparring and competition are encouraged, there is no obligation to participate in this facet of the sport, and members are free to choose (without prejudice) which disciplines they wish to train.

Our club trains 3 times per week with an ethos of discipline, hard work and mutual respect. Conduct supported by our high-quality coaches who hold many years of experience in the various fighting disciplines. Training schedule consists of:

·         Kick Boxing/Muay Thai training day,

·         Grappling training day,

·         Mixed Martial Arts training day

Club aims 

We’re a friendly and fun club that welcomes males and females of ALL experience levels/abilities who either want to:

- try out and begin their new journey like our former members

- advance their existing martial art skills

- learn to defend themselves

- or to simply get fit. 



When and where do we meet?

Training sessions schedule for 23/24:

Tuesday ⏰19:00-21:00 📍Sports Hall

Wednesday ⏰20:00-22:00 📍IAC

Thursday ⏰21:00-22:00 📍IAC



Meet our committee

Chair - Priyanka K

Secretary - Zaid

Treasurer - Inder C

Web Officer- Malak H