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About Us

The Brunel University Target Shooting Club (BUTSC) exists to provide students with the opportunity to learn, practice and compete in the many disciplines of target shooting.


Instagram: @targetshooting.brunel




Brunel University Target Shooting Club exists to enable anyone at the uni to practice the sport of target shooting in a competitive yet friendly environment. No experience necessary, you'll learn everything you need to know with us!



Isn't it illegal to shoot a gun in the UK? - Nope, unless you have a criminal conviction, anyone can come give it a try.

Is it safe? - Safety is our #1 priority; We have a team of highly trained / experienced instructors to ensure this. Any unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated.

Is it expensive? - We require all members to have a sports membership. Airgun shoots are free. Small-bore (.22 rifle range) is £15 for the academic year. Our full-bore (Rifles and other such) days are per event, subsidised, and supported by the target shooting community to provide low cost shooting for students - this is probably the cheapest you can shoot in the UK! 


Training 2022-23


Air Pistol and Rifle: Every Friday 6 - 8pm at the Isambard Studio.

Smallbore Rifle: Every Wednesday 1 - 5PM at Heston and Hounslow Rifle club.

Fullbore diciplines: Announced at training sessions & via Instagram (@targetshooting.brunel) 





Don't know where to start? We run an airgun range on campus once a week aimed at both complete beginners and experts alike. We use olympic specification pistols for competitions and training alongside two air-rifles which can provide the basics for rifle marksmanship. If you want to drop in and have a go there is no commitment, just make sure you have proof of a sports union membership; these evening are the perfect time to ask us about the other diciplines we do at BUTSC.


Cost: Free (With sports union membership)

Competitions: BUCS Winter and Summer (The Club competes in the British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS) and opportunities are open for members to join the teams in many disciplines!)

Where: Isambard studio 

When: TBC



Want to try live fire? We use .22 calibre rifles in the prone and rested position to provide an introduction to live fire. This dicipline provides a solid foundation to move onto full-bore Target Rifle (TR) shooting. From September / October we run beginner sessions aimed at new shooters; there is a dedicated beginner bracket in BUCS (inter-Unis competion). 

Cost: £15 per academic year

Competitions: BUCS Winter and Summer, Individual county competitions

Where: Heston and Houndslow Rifle Range (Either drive, hitch a ride with comittee, or take the 222 bus line ~30 mins)

When; Wednesday 1-5pm (turn up for as long as you like)





We conduct all of our Full-Bore shoots at the Bisley Ranges in Woking. We're associated with the British Young Shooters Association (BYSA) and a few other clubs to bring you subsudised and supported target shooting experiences. There are countless competitions throughout the year and the opportunity to make connections with other uni students, professional marksmen, & people from industry. All competitions and training days are announced at Friday / Wednesday training aswell as via our Instagram - Training is first come first served, however comeptitions are based on attendence and performance. 

Our two largest events of the year for full-bore is November's BYSA Bonfire Bananza & April's BYSA Easter Bunny Bash. These weekends involve two days of shooting / coaching, BBQ, accomodation, & socialising with other university clubs. Places are first come first severed. Below are the following diciplines you can choose from:


Target Rifle (TR)

Our primary Full-Bore dicipline which utilises 7.62 Target Rfiles are ranges between 300-1000yds. This is arguably the most competitive dicipline in target shooting offering competitions throughout the year including BUCS. 


Historical Service Rifle (HSR)

Ever wanted to fire the famous Enfiled No.4 or the Mosin Nagant? Meet other enthusiasts in this niche community who could ramble about the quirks of these rifles for hours on end. There is also the opportunity to get hands on with some remarkable / rare pieces of history from shortened mosins to Muskets / blackpowder pistols. 




Civilian Service Rifle (CSR)

Get to grips with modern rifles & optics - need we say more?



Semi-auto and lever action rifles at short distances but more complex targets. Arguably the most outright fun dicipline we offer. 



Can you see that target way over there? This is a newer dicipline which is done at ranges of 1000+ Yds using high power optics. We would reccomend starting with Target Rifle before trying out Match. 




We host a variety of socials from our termly club meetings (which are coincidentally located at the local pub) to our bi-annual christmas dinner. All annouced via whatsapp & club training sessions. 




Comittee - 2022/23


Chair / Full-Bore Captain - Tom White (

Vice-Chair - Oliver Biddle (

Small-Bore Captain - Tom Craig-Flemming

Secretary - Jake Cremin 

Social-Secretary - Sunja Winter 



Club Aims

  1. To provide students, staff, and alumni with the opportunity to learn to shoot in a fun and friendly environment.
  2. To get members competent in the safe handling and usage of firearms.
  3. To continue to enter the BUCS Championship and compete against rival universities.