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Whether you're up for some fierce matches or just wanna chill, learn, and vibe on the court, Brunel Tennis Club's got your back! Join us for awesome tennis and even better connections. 🎾🔥🤝

🎾 Hey there, welcome to the Brunel Tennis Club – your ticket to a world of top-notch tennis action! 🎾

In our buzzing club, we're all about bringing folks of all skill levels together to share in the thrill of tennis. With a cool crew of over 150 members from different walks of life, we're strutting our stuff as one of Brunel University's big-shot sports squads.

Get ready to rock with us! We've got Two Men’s and one Women’s Teams that are like tennis powerhouses, representing Brunel with flair in the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) Leagues. And guess what? Our mixed team spices things up even more in the London Universities Sports Leagues (LUSL) – it's a wild ride, trust us.

Imagine this: six outdoor tennis courts right in our awesome sports park. And guess what's coming soon? Swanky floodlights to make your tennis moments even more epic. Oh, and we've got a couple of secret weapons – Vera Antonova, a recent Brunel grad who's a tennis coach and referee, and Kenny, another awesome coach who also doubles as our Diversity Officer. They've got the smarts to keep our tennis scene tip-top and our club wonderfully diverse.

Ready to get your tennis groove on? We've got your back! We've got beginner, intermediate, and team coaching sessions all through the week – and here's the kicker, they're all free for our members. Yep, no charge!

But hey, it's not just about the game; it's about kickin' back and making memories. Our legendary Wednesday socials are all about connecting, making mates, and having a blast.

Whether you're a tennis whiz gunning for intense matches and awesome coaching, or you're new to the game and just wanna have fun while you learn, the Brunel Tennis Club's got you covered.

Ready to dive into the world of tennis excitement? Follow us on Instagram @bruneltennisclub for all the latest updates, fun snapshots, and behind-the-scenes action. Got questions or just want to chat? Slide into our DMs – we're here to answer anything you need to know! 🎾📷📩

More questions? Give a shout-out to our friendly committee members:

Tennis Chair – Pratosh Janaka:
Vice Chair - Christy Pluas:

Ready to pencil in the dates? Here's the scoop:


Wednesdays: BUCS
Saturdays: LUSL


Tuesday: 13:00 - 15:00 (Open training)
Thursday: 13:00 - 15:00 (Open training)

Oh, and by the way, open court time for members? You got it:

Monday: 12:00 - 15:00
Friday: 10:00 - 13:00

Our Club Goals? We're reaching for the stars:

  • Smash last year's member count out the park
  • Cater to all tastes in the tennis scene
  • Sweep up those BUCS Leagues and Cups like a boss
  • Snag that platinum award for the sports society – easy peasy!


The Brunel Tennis Club is all about sporty vibes, awesome connections, and embracing diversity. Get ready to swing, serve, and have a blast – your tennis adventure starts RIGHT NOW! 🎾🎉