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About Us

Ultimate Frisbee is a fantastic way to combine fitness, fun and an element of competition in a new and exciting sport. Join us on Instagram to find out more about the club and upcoming events!

About Us

Ultimate Frisbee is a fantastic way to combine fitness and fun, and at Brunel University you will also meet some great people in a competitive and sociable club. We are a mixed sport, so offer a men's team, a women's team and a mixed team, not something offered by many other clubs at Brunel. We welcome people with any level of interest, fitness or ability as we know not many people have played before, but we are definitely the best sport you've never played before! We also have the opportunity for you to get involved and just attend social training too! In addition, we run great socials throughout the year, both drinking and sober!

Played in teams of 5 indoors and 7 outdoors, Ultimate Frisbee is a self-officiated sport in which the aim is to score more points than the opposition. Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact sport and a point is awarded for successfully catching the disc into the opponent's end zone. Possession is turned over when the disc is intercepted by the opposition or if the disc hits the ground. With movement limited to pivoting while holding the disc, teamwork is a fundamental part of the game. 

There are two indoor and one outdoor session per week but a throw around on the Quad is always popular. Even if you've never thrown a disc before, everyone is more than welcome to give it a try!!

Frisbee Love


Club Aims 2023/24

  1. To continue our success from last season in BUCS and in regional tournaments.
  2. To build and develop the women's team, fielding a team for indoor regionals.
  3. To ensure more members of the team get to play in tournaments by increasing number of competitions entered.
  4. To move away from the image of Ultimate Frisbee being a playtime activity by showing it is a competitive and serious sport. 



  • Mondays 9:30-11pm - Netball Hall
  • Tuesdays 6-8pm - Cemetry Pitch
  • Thursdays 8:30-10:30pm - Netball Hall



  • Sicko's Tournament- 14th-15th October
  • Mixed Indoor Regionals- 4th-5th November
  • Men's Indoor Regionals- 11th-12th November
  • Women's Indoor Regionals- 25th-26th November
  • Mixed Outdoor Nationals - 24th-25th June

For Sicko's we will be sending freshers teams, they are super fun tournaments to get the hang of the sport and socialise!

+ BUCS & LUSL games every Wednesday!

Your Committee

  • Arran Burr (Chair)
  • Morgan Hadley-Charter (Captain & Social Media Officer)
  • Vas Zugrav (Captain)
  • Matt Millard (Treasurer)
  • Tomisin Oyedoyin (Secretary)
  • Alex Dudfield (Social Sec)
  • Joe Billington (Assistant to Social Sec ;)