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We are ready to start a new year of volleyball at Brunel and we can't wait to see new faces here!!




Who are we?

This is Brunel University's Volleyball Club; the Brunel Blackhawks

Volleyball is a great sport for individuals that want to try something new. It's very easy to pick up, and we have a very social community of players that are always wanting to not only improve their own ability but also to help other players get better!

We are looking for players who are willing to train hard and to flourish as a team, we want committed members who want to become better players, who want to learn something new and are passionate about being part of our team.  

We have both Men’s and Women’s teams, which during the year will compete in various events: from the regular championship (BUCS), conference cups, to the mighty Varsity vs St. Mary University.  Last year, we had the incredible opporunity to represent Team Brunel at the Beach Volleyball Championships, we look forward to our new additions this year!



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