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About Us

Welcome to the official union page for the Brunel Blackhawks Volleyball page                                                                                                                                    



We are back for another year of volleyball and can not wait to welcome all returners and new players!


Who are we?

This is Brunel University's Volleyball Club; the Brunel Blackhawks

Volleyball is a great sport for individuals who want to try something new. It's simple to pick up, and we have a very big community of players ranging from beginners to advanced players who always want to improve their own ability and help other players get better!

We are always looking for players who are willing to train hard and to flourish within the teams, we are looking for committed members who want to better themselves, who want to learn something new and who are passionate about being part of our team.  

We have both Men’s and Women’s teams, which will compete in various events during the year: weekly games most Wednesdays (BUCS), and conference cups, to the mighty Varsity vs. St. Mary University.  

We have one Active Session currently per week! This runs on a Friday from 11am to 1pm. This active session is aimed at everyone!! All ages, genders and abilities are always welcome!! 

We have 4 teams this year. 2 Mens teams and 2 Womens teams. For training time please contact the club! You can speak to us directly via our instagram page @brunelvolleyball

Our teams compete regularly on Wednesdays in the BUCS volleyball league! Fixtures happen on a Wednesday so make sure to keep an eye out on our instagram to see when these are!!

If you have any questions about volleyball please do not hesitate to contact us! You can send us direct messages on our Instagram page @Brunelvolleyball or feel free to send our Chairwoman an email via

Committee members 23/24:

Chairwoman - Peanut Meekings 

Vice Chairman - Ellis Scanlon

Treasurer - Sam Jenks

Secretary - Malaika Mustafa 

Club Manager - Hannah Moore

Web Officers - Malaika Mustafa, Hannah Moore and Lora Saeed


Please use the google form to send us any feedback you have about the club!!








Contact Us

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