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This is the new Biomedical Society of Brunel! We welcome all students with a passion for science to our society to socialize, network, and support each-others academic achievement.

Brunel's Biomedical Society is finally back and very excited to welcome all those studying biosciences to get to know their fellow course-mates! We are organised by students for students, and with the pandemic many of us have found it challenging to make friends, so our events provide relaxed spaces for students to socialize in without any of the pressure from their course.

Upcoming events include trivia nights, lecture series, group study sessions, movie & pizza nights, and more.

We hope to see you at our next event :)


CHAIR – Zyra Ymon

TREASURER – (Tom) Phuc Nguyen

SECRETARY – Osama Fahim



We are hosting a Meet&Greet Game Night on Monday 2nd October at 6pm, room LEC117 of the Lecture Centre