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About Us

The Brunel Bangladesh Society is a vibrant community at Brunel University dedicated to celebrating Bangladeshi culture. Through cultural exploration, social meet-ups, and events, we bridge culture.



We are the Brunel Bangladesh Society, and our mission is to unite those who share an interest in Bengali culture and traditions, offering them a comforting 'home away from home' atmosphere. Our goal is to proudly showcase our heritage and talents while fostering a strong sense of togetherness that enriches the lives of all our members.

Our approach includes:

- Hosting a diverse range of engaging social, cultural, and sports events that celebrate our unique skills and cultural heritage. These gatherings will encourage our members to actively participate and become integral parts of our society.

- Devoting our efforts to fundraising for charitable causes and other important endeavours through well-organized charity events. We aim not only to generate financial support but also to raise awareness and educate our community about the challenges faced within our society.

- Creating opportunities for individuals to take part in inter-university competitions and establish collaborations with fellow universities and societies. Through these initiatives, we aim to promote inclusivity and unity, ensuring that every member feels fully integrated within our community.


BSOC Committee 2023-24 :

  • President: Mohammad Ashabul Haque (Raad)

  • General Advisor: MD Tawfiqul Islam

  • Vice President: Haseen Raihan

  • Secretary: Tahsin Bin Aziz

  • Treasurer: Nafee Hasan Khan

  • Web Officer: Mohammad Shadman Sakib Uddin

  • Event Manager: Rawaiyat Rowshan

  • International Coordinator: Nuzhat Mahrin

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Minhajur Rahman Munna

  • Dance Coordinator: Anika Bushra

  • Photography Coordinator: Farhan Mansur Khan

  • Sports Officer: Tasnim Malik


Our Society's Achievements:

We take immense pride in our society's remarkable achievements, which serve as a testament to our unwavering dedication:

🥇 Gold Society at the Brunel Societies Ball
🏆 Best Social Media Presence Award for 2022/2023
🌟 Most Improved Society for the year 2017/2018

These accolades reflect the passion and commitment of our members, and they inspire us to continually strive for excellence. Join us to be a part of this incredible journey of achievement and cultural celebration! 🏆🎉🇧🇩


Where to Find Us:

Catch our committee members around campus or reach out to us via the Brunel Bangladesh Society Instagram Page.


Join the Adventure Today:

Are you prepared to dive into a journey brimming with unforgettable moments? Join us today, stay updated through our social media channels, and become an integral part of the lively Brunel Bangladesh Society. Together, we will craft memories that will endure for a lifetime. See you soon!