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About Us

We are run by students, for students to create a shared, inclusive physiotherapy community.

Re-formed in 2019 with an entirely new committee, Brunel Physio Society works to create a social environment ensuring students have fun outside of the classroom as well as sharing resources and experiences to help better understand what the course and career have in store. 

We organise extra courses to help further your skills and add to your qualifications e.g sports massage courses, kinesio taping, Clinical Physio: 'Understanding Lower Back Pain', and more! Last year all slots sold out bringing a total of just under 100 newly qualified sports massage therapists in the university alongside the kinesio-taping courses. Many of the students who chose the early courses in the year were guided to volunteering opportunities at the Hillingdon Half Marathon where they provided sports rehab and massage services while others secured part time jobs at professional rugby clubs during term time. The society creates the potential for a large Physio network once students graduate from university halls to hospital wards. 

The large network of Physio graduates and current students forms a helpful system wherein we can receive educational talks from practising Physios, learn about working across different parts of the UK from first hand experiences, go on educational trips such as Body Worlds, and discover prospects for working abroad. The society work with the faculty to find opportunities such as annual volunteering at the London Marathon wherein a record number of 67 students were selected to partake as part of the Physio team along the course or finish line. We have also started to work with Physio Abroad which is a company that helps students through an accreditation transfer programme to help students set up working holiday VISAs in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and France. 

Keep an eye on our instagram page to keep up to date with all the comings and goings of the society!