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About Us

Calisthenics is all about building strength, muscle, and skill in the pursuit of ‘Overcoming Gravity’ using bodyweight exercise. We aim to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of all our memb

At Brunel Calisthenics everyone is welcome to train with us regardless of their skill, experience or skill level. All our sessions are run by our members who have knowledge and experience in a number of disciplines including gymnastics, martial arts, athletics, physiotherapy and personal training which makes training informative and fun. We are an easy-going friendly bunch of students who thrive on supporting each other to reach the various goals we set ourselves throughout the year.

At Brunel Calisthenics we help our members increase muscular strength, reduce bodyfat and put on skeletal muscle mass. Alongside this you'll train and improve your flexibility, mobility, muscular endurance and overall fitness, you may even learn how to handstand along the way. You'll learn how to properly prepare for and recover from sessions to ensure you are getting the most from your training.

We use a variety of equipment to assist and augment our training. State of the art pullup rigs and parallel bars to resistance bands, gymnastics rings and much more. We use this array of equipment to help tailor workouts to our members and ensure they are gaining the most from our sessions. We're proud to say we can also offer workshops with some of the biggest and strongest names in the UK Calisthenics industry at a discounted price for all Brunel Calisthenics members, and alongside the fitness there will be some interesting and awesome socials you'll want to get involved with.

Due to the growth of the sport worldwide & specially in the UK, we also take our members to Calisthenics competitions. In Calisthenics, you can compete in:

  • "Reps & Sets" - according to the organisation in charge, you are bound to either:
    •  1-0-1 battles with an oponent of similar level to your (complete the amount of reps, with good form, in each set of exercises in the shortest period of time);
    • Weigthed Calisthenics - execute up to 3 attempts your maximum weighted rep in pull/chin-ups, dips and/or squats.

Also, there may be levels attributed in this category - beginner, intermediate & advance.

  • "Statics" - according to the organisation in charge, you may be given 45-60s to perform a routine of any static move (ex.: front/back-lever, human flag, planche, handstand..., which have to be held for 3s to count) and/or dynamic strength movement (ex.: handstand push up, planche press, hefesto, front-lever pull up...). 
  • "Freestyle" - according to the organisation in charge, you may be given 60-120s to perform a routine in which you will be assessed in the following categories: 
    • Combos
    • Statics (must be held for 3s to count)
    • Dynamics (ex.: giants, 360, 720, geinger, and so forth)
    • Dynamics of strength

Here's some of the organisations you may have heard of: 

  • Calisseum
  • Street Titans
  • Kalos_sthenos_championships
  • Strength Movement
  • King of Weighted
  • Body Strong UK
  • World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF)

Brunel Calisthenics were Team Brunel's Club of the Year for 2019-20 so come and join the best club on campus and meet your new fitness family at Brunel Calisthenics!

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Any queries, please don't hesitate in reaching out. We are mostly active in our IG page. Otherwise, just send an email to:

Training Schedule

Monday 5 - 7 PM Isambard Studio

Tuesday, Hand Balancing  [Active@Brunel] 3 - 5 PM Isambard Studio

Wednesday 4 - 6 PM IAC

Sunday 12 - 4 PM IAC // 2 - 4 PM Isambard Studio [pay attention to group chat to further know details on this day]

Meet the Committee

Simão Esteves - President & Club Captain / @simao_calilife

Tiago Esteves - Secretary

Annabelle Maisonneuve - Treasurer & Graphic Design Officer

Yasin Baahmed - Vice President

Gled Cobaj - Team Manager 

Andrew Wong - Social Secretary

Iúri Guerreiro - RAG Executive


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