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The Brunel Airsoft Club, provides students with a fun and inclusive way together involved with the sport, whether you are new to the sport, or a seasoned veteran, there's a place for everyone!


We are a newly formed club aimed at introducing students to the sport of Airsoft and a friendly community, whether they be complete beginners, or seasoned veterans. We aim to make the experience for all players as easy to understand and affordable as possible.

We have (bi)weekly group skirmishes at our local Arisoft site on the weekends (alternating between Saturday and Sunday), as well as a larger, monthly event with discountwed rentals for beginners (subject to availability). We also hold social events on and off campus.

For inquiries, please email to:


(Instagram, Whatsapp)

Instagram: @brunel_airsoft


  1. Provide a platform to introduce students to the sport of Airsoft, in an affordable way.
  2. Teach students about gun safety and discipline, in a fun and exciting way.
  3. Introduce students to the vast and ever-growing community of Airsoft.


1. It is legal to obtain and purchase an airsoft replicas (Realistic Imitation Firearm or Imitation Firearm)?

There are two types of Airsoft guns- IF's (Imitation Firearms) and RIF's (Realistic Imitation Firearms). IF's are any gun that have a bright, high contrast secondary colour, such as red, blue, green, pink, etc, and are referred to as Two-Tone guns. (TAN DOES NOT COUNT AS TWO-TONE) IF's, or two-tone guns, DO NOT require a UKARA license to purchase, and be purchased by anyone above the age of 18. However, all-black/tan guns, or RIF's, DO require a UKARA license to puchase. The process to obtain a UKARA license is discussed below.

2. It is safe to play airsoft? 

Short answer- Yes. Long asnwer- As with all non-contact sports, there is a degree of risk involved when playing the sport. However, Airsoft involves players firing small, high-speed plastic projectiles at other players, which does require appropriate safety equipment to be worn. The equipment required is similar to Paintball- face protection (most importantly, eye protection) is mandatory and gloves which are optional, but recommended. All safety equipment can be hired directly from a site for a small fee.

3. How to be UKARA qualified?

In order to get our UKARA licnese, you will need to play at least 3 games at the same Airsoft site, with at least 2 months between your first and most recent game, afer which you can apply for you license with the site (the decision will be finalized by the site).


Committes 23/24

Chairman - Rohit Kanwar

Vice Chairman - Jamie Ho

Terasurer - Henry Lau

Marshall - Dom Barton

Weapon's Officer - Jake Sheridan