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Brunel Sikh Society

The overall aim of the Society is to create a space for Sikhs at Brunel to connect and foster an understanding and awareness of Sikhi. To meet this aim, the Society has three objectives.

-Firstly, to organize regular events such as social gatherings, seminars, and workshops, providing opportunities for Sikhs at Brunel to socialize and build a sense of community.

-Secondly, to arrange educational sessions, guest lectures, or workshops focusing on various aspects of Sikh culture, traditions, and beliefs, thereby increasing understanding of Sikhism among members.

-Thirdly, to engage in community outreach and collaboration with other student organizations, religious groups, or community organizations, promoting intercultural understanding and cooperation. This includes participating in and organizing community service projects or events to showcase Sikh values of selfless service (Seva) and contribute positively to the broader community.