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A social community focused on developing and enjoying design.




Passionate about design? Join the Design Society, a welcoming community for anyone interested in design.


We strongly encourage design students to get involved. Our regular tutorials, advice, and group sessions will improve your ability and design skills throughout the course, especially since we collaborate often with Made In Brunel and our academic staff in order to give you the best chances possible to develop.


During the 2022/2023 year we are committed to having regular weekly sessions where you can join in tutorial sessions in the sketching studios. Here, small groups can work together with 2nd and 3rd year students to improve your skills and hone your killer design instincts. We aim to create an enjoyable space for those that want to build upon their skills, whether it be sketching, graphics, or networking.


We can lend a helping hand for any module submission, not to mention the social events we have are fun and a good opportunity to see people on your course in a more relaxed setting. With our weekly socials and tutorials, you have an abundance of opportunities to meet new people and learn as much as possible!


See you soon!


Make sure to get your membership on this page, and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with the events, and join the WhatsApp group to ask us questions directly.