Team Brunel

Varsity 2019


Dear Students,

This message is for students who are currently living on campus or have rooms on campus, but you are living in alternative accommodation.

You may have seen last week that we reached an agreement with the University on rent freeze and a delayed payment date to the 10th of February - however, we are continuing to argue that students should be released from their accommodation agreements with no financial detriment.

The argument we are up against is that the financial liability to the University is unknown because the University is unsure how many students would want to cancel their agreements.

By filling in this survey, you could give us an idea so we can continue negotiations. Your answer is not your decision and you will never be held accountable to it, but it will give us a much better idea of potential numbers who want to go and of those who will stay.

To show the University how you feel about this, we'd like you to answer the following question and remind other students who have on-campus agreements to do the same.

Based on the information we currently have including the current lockdown in the UK (which is being reviewed in February) - Which option would you prefer? 


option 1 - to be released from your license agreement with the University with no financial detriment either now and when lockdown ends


Option 2 - continue the opportunity to live on campus in Terms 2 & 3 with access to campus facilities?



Rent Survey Question
If you live on campus, please vote and let others know to help our negotiations!

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Note: This question is only for students who have current license agreements with the University, if you believe you do have an agreement but are unable to vote in this poll - please contact