One Brunel

20th to 24th June 2022


One Brunel is our campaign to unite students and celebrate our cultural diversity.



Cultural Film

Monday 20th June 2022

2pm - 4pm


Cultural Carnival

Wednesday 22nd June 2022

12pm - 5pm

John Crank Gardens, Hamilton Center (Atrium, Venue & Locos)

Cultural Fashion Show

Thursday 23rd June 2022

5pm - 6pm

Antoine Artaud Building Room 001

The last few years have been difficult but now the time has come

To celebrate life, to celebrate us, no matter where we’re from,

So, we at Brunel are coming together, to celebrate with pride

Difference, diversity, cultures in unity, Brunel folk side by side.

We have students from 130 countries, all unique in their own right

One Brunel is a unique opportunity, for us to all unite

An occasion to immerse yourselves in all that you are and you can be

Yes, One Brunel, in June this year, will be extraordinary

The Union of students, all staff, and nice strangers, can join in our festivities,

We need to get out, and there is no doubt, there’ll be lots of activities,

Forget the rat race, have fun and embrace, come out from where you dwell,

The twenty second of June, will be here quite soon, so let’s see you at One Brunel

Ruth Sharma & Benjamin Zephania


We're lucky to home students from over 130 countries, and our diversity is something we pride ourselves on.

We believe that students will have a much more enjoyable and impactful university experience by making friends from across the globe and emersing themselves in other students' cultures. We therefore want to bring students from all backgrounds together, increase culture awareness and encourage cross-culture integration throughout campus.

The One Brunel campaign will include events such as the Culture Carnival, Ethnic Cuisine, Cultural/World Regional Games, and many more!

2022's One Brunel will take place between the 20th and 24th of June. Be sure to visit back closer to the date to find out more on the many events planned, or simply keep an eye on our event list!



One Brunel also acts as a ‘Banner’ which all of the Union's cultural events will come under. It's important to us that students from all backgrounds not only feel welcome at any cultural event, but are excited to experience a taste of their fellow students' cultures.  

This campaign will also give students a platform where they can showcase their culture and invite other students to share in their experience. To encourage this, we've secured funding from the University which can be used to fund cultural integration events organised by societies with. If you would like to organise a cultural event under the One Brunel banner, please get in touch. Events that meet the following criteria will be considered:

  • The event or activity is open to all Brunel Students
  • 3+ societies are involved in the organisation of the event
  • The event will look to engage at least 150+ students

We hope this will start to create a unity among students, and help to reduce culture segregation and racism. 

To apply for One Brunel funding, please click here.