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    Eliminate single use plastics for UBS Nightlife events

      It is impossible to attend a UBS event without having to be constantly concerned about falling over a sea of single-use plastic cups and bottles littered all over the floor. Not only is it unsightly, inconvenient and dangerous (and probably a nightmare for the staff cleaning up) ; this excess is clearly not in line with the Union's environmental ethos. A commitment to replace these with reusable cups provided on entry or at the bar with a clear place to return them (e.g. cup stack bins) would reinforce the forward thinking mentality that a University Union should display.
    Mark Stanley
    8:30am on 7 Nov 19 Hi Dominic, thanks for your idea! We're currently looking at all areas of our Environmental and Ethical impact here at the union with the introduction of a new policy for 2019/2020. We can let you know that all the plastic cups after events, such as Mega Global and £2.50 Tuesdays, are recycled in partnership with the University and we will be looking at your idea of cup stack bins. We are working towards ensuring that the Union, in all of our work, is becoming more environmentally and ethically friendly.