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    Open Library

      This is a petition to have the library opened in the 5th of July! To enable students of LBIC and master access the facility!
    Rebecca Davies
    11:50am on 3 Jul 20 Morning, I have an update for you regarding this Idea submission. The University is currently looking at re-opening the library, there are a number of factors that effect when this will be. Firstly all the relevant departments need to declare the Bannerman COVID secure, in addition to this the front line staff need to be consulted about returning to campus. Capacity also needs to be considered from both a staffing and user point of view. There is a lot of coordination needed to make this happen, but the hope is to be able to offer something for quiet study and access to stock before the exams in August e.g. sometime in the 2nd half of July. Rebecca Davies (Student Voice Manager)