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    Gender neutral toilets

      (more of them please!!) Inclustivity and acceptance even when you need a wee! Hopefully this will make more students comfortable in their gender and raise awareness of trans rights. Promote the ability to be who you are.
    Rebecca Davies
    2:13pm on 13 Sep 19 Good afternoon Jade, We already have policy to ensure gender neutral toilets are installed in all new builds. We also make a point of ensuring this is part of any discussion where a building is being completely refurbished. Finally; we are working to install gender neutral toilets in the Hamilton center and hope to have some good news to share about this in the near future. We are looking for passionate people to get involved in the Union and drive our policies and campaigns. if you are interested check out as nominations open on Monday the 16th September for Student Assembly.
    Jade Balmer
    2:17pm on 13 Sep 19 Thank you!!! Hopefully if this gets enough attention we can have the toilets everywhere and this will create more awareness for trans rights. I'll forward this to lgbt for more people to get involved