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    Educate students and staff on systemic racism and provide better support for the BAME community

      Imploring the University to do the following: Promote educational resources on systemic racism in the UK. Add more POC scholars and authors to curriculum. Publicly calling out and exacting harsher punishments on incidences of racism inside and outside the university. Provide better mental health services for minority ethnic students that have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19 and the BLM protests. Donate to movements. Fund awareness programmes.
    Ross Ballinger
    2:23pm on 14 Jun 20 Hope this gets more attention and reaches the threshold for it to be discussed.
    Ciara Haynes
    6:23pm on 14 Jun 20 I fully agree. More black lecturers (men, women, non binary etc). But it’s not enough to just add black faces, we need senior black lecturers in positions of power with real influence.
    Bronya Marsh
    8:46pm on 14 Jun 20 This wasn’t discussed in Primary school. This wasn’t discussed in Secondary school. University is there to educate us on LIFE as well within our courses. It is there to influence our paths. We NEED to have everything possible at University to educate us, & to give both BAME students & staff what they deserve. We NEED the uni to help us as students make a real change in society and for the Brunel to BE part of the change in society and not be passive.
    Rebecca Davies
    1:33pm on 6 Jul 20 Good morning. Thank you for your submission. In a statement released recently by the University they stated that “staff and students at the University should feel safe, equal and included - all of the time. Without exception.” As a Union we are working with the University to ensure this is the case, and are currently involved in discussions around policies and initiatives to ensure this for our BAME community. Your comments have been passed onto our Full-time Officer team to ensure they are heard and included in our discussions with the University. The Student Union strongly condemns any form of racism, including institutionalised racism, and will continue to stand up and lobby for change within our community. Rebecca Davies (Student Voice Manager)