The Trustee Board

The Union is a registered charity, so it has a Trustee Board to make sure it conducts itself in line with legislation, its aims, and your needs. It holds the Union’s management to account, monitors our activity, double-checks our budgets, and protects our interests, reputation and brand.

The Trustee Board meets four to six times a year.  The Board comprises of the President, the  5 Vice Presidents, 4 elected Student Trustees, and 4 independent Trustees who have no other connection to the Union but contribute their expertise, experience and outside world focus on a voluntary basis.

Officer Trustees

Ranjeet Rathore
President and Chair of the Trustee Board

Peri Sherif
Vice President CEDPS

George Wardle
Vice President Student Activities

Anvitha Parachuri
Vice President CBASS

Maria Valada
Vice President CHLS

Student Trustees

Jonathan Fernandes


Naomi Carndorf


External Trustees

Julie Atherton

Julie studied Management Systems: Organisational Analysis at the University of Hull and is currently studying for an EMBA at the University of Bath. She is a co-opted member of the University of Gloucestershire F&GP Committee and a trustee of Learn@ MAT.

After over 20 years of’ working at a Board level in established commercial businesses and start-up agencies, Julie founded Small Wonder, a marketing consultancy specialising in the education sector.

Julie brings to the board a breadth of strategic and entrepreneurial experience delivering leadership, business transformation, brand development and revenue creation.

An industry leader, trainer and Fellow of the IDM, Julie creates and delivers digital and direct marketing training for the IDM and universities, regularly judges awards, and chairs the DMA Social Media Council.

Outside of work Julie loves her family and pets, the theatre, Jeffery her campervan, constantly learning, exploring new countries and cultures, passionate, clever people.

Nathan Townsend

Nathan completed his undergraduate studies at Brunel, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws in Business and Finance Law in 1999. More recently he completed a Master of Science in Finance and Financial Law at SOAS, University of London.

Nathan has been a solicitor for over 15 years advising in the areas of finance and investment. Currently, he advises one of the UK's largest pension schemes on the legal and operational aspects of its investment programme.

With experience of law, compliance and risk, Nathan will focus on effective governance of the Union and assist development of its strategy. He is motivated by the desire to ensure a fair deal and good outcome for Brunel students.

When not at work or looking after children, Nathan can be found sculling on the Thames or cycling around Surrey.




Jatin Patel

Jatin studied Politics and History at Brunel between 2004-07. In his final year, he was elected Student President, a role he held for two terms. He then went on to study at Sussex University, achieving a Masters in Geopolitics and Grand Strategy in 2010.

Over the past eight years, Jatin has worked predominantly in the charity sector; leading policy and campaigning efforts for organisations supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. More recently, he joined KPMG - a global professional services firm - to coordinate its efforts on improving social mobility and inclusion.

Jatin is Deputy Chair of the Union of Brunel Students', and as well as ensuring the board runs effectively, supports officers develop clear and impactful campaign strategies which align manifesto pledges with the Union's overarching strategic objectives.  

In his spare time, Jatin enjoys playing cricket and watching Arsenal rise and fall.


Contact the Clerk to the Trustee Board, Jackie Parkin, by email here.