Dev Aditya

Vice President – Student Activities

About the Role

I will lead the way when it comes to volunteering, sports, societies, media and R.A.G around campus.               


What did/do you study?

Law (Masters)


When do/did you graduate?

Winter 2017


Were you a member of any Clubs or Societies?

Postgrad and Research Society, Indian Society, Pakistan Society, MMA, KC Soc     


What previous role(s) have you held in the Union?

Student Trustee and Student Assembly Member


Fun fact about you...

I collect Wetherspoon pubs and have visited 162 in the last 2 years



Innovation, Business, Politics, Writing, Cooking, Motivational speaking, Single-malt whiskies


Who's your role model?

Elon Musk


What is your greatest achievement so far?

Founded IT company at the age of 21




Contact Me


Phone: 01895 267 462

Facebook: Brunel VP Student Activities

Twitter: @UBSVPSA