A Student Rep is a Brunel student who has been elected at the start of the year by others in their course or department.

They represent you on Academic issues and help shape your student experience. They gather views and opinions from Students on the Academic Experience here at Brunel on things such as Lectures, Exams, Assessment and Feedback and then take a collective view to the University and Union in order to develop and innovate here at Brunel.

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Student Quality Advisor

Selection criteria and role information for student quality advisors


Application Form Here


This document is supported by the Student Participation in Quality Assurance Policy.


Student input into University processes is a valued and fundamental part of ensuring a positive student experience and that the University continues to offer high quality courses. This is achieved though the appointment of Student Quality Advisors (SQAs) who work in partnership with academic and administrative University staff across a range of quality review activities.


This document provides an overview of the application process, role and responsibilities as well as benefits for SQAs.


What is a Student Quality Advisor?


Being a Student Quality Advisor is a unique opportunity to represent the student body in quality review processes, such as programme approval and periodic review. By being directly involved in course enhancement and review, SQAs provide a valuable contribution that enriches the student experience at Brunel University London.


SQAs have the important role of reviewing proposals for new courses and, alongside academic staff, deciding if they should be approved. SQAs also have the opportunity to be part of a periodic review, which is where the University reviews all of department/subjects courses to make sure they are still of a high quality.


Who can be a Student Quality Advisor?


Any student can apply to become a Student Quality Advisor regardless of level, course, mode of study, immigration status etc. Suitability for the role will be determined during the application stage where a joint decision on selection will be made by the Quality Assurance Team and Union of Brunel Students. A selection of students from all levels of study will be recruited in October and February each year to ensure that students who start their course at different times can apply.


How to apply to be a Student Quality Advisor?


To be considered for the role of Student Quality Advisor the student will need to fill out an application form found here where they will need to write a statement of 500 words or less to explain why they believe themselves to be appropriate for the role. Students may wish to consider some of the following areas in their application:

  • Any previous experience as a representative of students’ interests or work experience
  • Commitment to improving student and academic life at Brunel University London
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Confidence to contribute verbally to discussions
  • Enthusiasm for the role and seeing value in student input in University processes
  • Any other experience or attributes the student considers relevant to the SQA role

Applications will be reviewed anonymously to ensure fairness.


How will the role benefit me?


As well as payment, the role will develop professional skills and experience that will be useful in future employment and study. SQAs will get the opportunity to strengthen existing skills such as:

  • Team work with a diverse range of people at different levels in the University
  • Planning
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Analysis and attention to detail

Payment for the role is as follows, the only exception being those that are already in elected/salaried roles with the Union of Brunel Students i.e President and Vice-Presidents, who are not paid.


Event Payment
Programme Approval £9.30 per hour up to a maximum of 12 hours
(12 hours distributed into 4 hours of preparatory reading, 8 hours for event attendance)
Periodic Programme Review
(1 day event)
£9.30 per hour up to a maximum of 12 hours
(12 hours distributed into 4 hours for preparatory reading, 8 hours for event attendance)
Periodic Programme Review
(2 day event - if required)
£9.30 per hour up to a maximum of 20 hours
(20 hours distributed into 4 hours of preparatory reading, 8 hours for day 1 event attendance & 8 hours for day 2 event attendance)


Training will be provided to ensure students have the confidence to successfully complete the role.


How long will the role be for?


SQAs will be employed for an academic year. After this time they will be asked if they wish to continue with the role for a further academic year.


Students that are unable to continue or no longer wish to complete the role will be able to leave their position at any point by giving 1 month’s notice. The notice period may be reduced under certain circumstances at the discretion of the Quality Assurance Team.


The role requires engagement and professionalism, any SQA that does not meet these expectations may be asked to complete further training or asked to leave their position.


Any questions not covered by this document that students have prior to applying for the position can be directed to Quality Assurance Team directly via email