ANNUAL Grant Funding Application Guidelines for Societies 2020-2021


Societies are invited to to submit an application for their union grant funding for the 2020-2021 academic year. These applications are to be submitted over the summer, by the June 2020. They will then be reviewed by the Vice President Student Activities and societies will be informed of their allocated funding in August 2020, ahead of the start of the academic year.

To submit an application for funding on behalf of your society, please click here.

The maximum available sum per request is £400*

If you were not awarded the grant funding that you were hoping for via this process, or if a new activity, event or opportunity has come up that you were unaware of when you submitted the annual funding form, do not worry, we also allocated In Year Funding - read on below to find out more!

If you have any queries, please contact Student Activities.


In-Year Grant Funding Application Guidelines for Societies 2020-2021

The In-Year Grant Funding Scheme gives all active societies the chance to apply for funding to help support, run or develop the society and its activities in the academic year 2020-2021.  

The maximum available is dependant on the Societies CASES Rewards*.

*Due to funding from the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, CEDPS Academic societies are not limited to this amount and can request more than £400.

*Due to funding from the College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, CHLS Academic Societies are not limited to this amount and can request more than £400.

Each society can submit as many applications as they wish but will only be eligible for a maximum of two successful bids per term (not applicable to CEDPS/CHLS Academic societies).

The In-Year Grant Funding scheme is open all year round, with final submissions being taken on 14th April 2020.

It should be noted that the Union Grant for societies is limited and we have over 120 active societies! We therefore strongly encourage societies to hold fundraising events throughout the year to achieve a greater level of income for their society; it shows entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving skills, proving that you are not solely reliant on Union Grants and are a more sustainable group.

Societies are advised to complete the funding application in plenty of time so that feedback can be given before event details are finalised (especially if you’re requesting funding for an event!).

Criteria for In-Year Grant Funding 2020-2021.

  • The applicant completing the form is the 2020-2021 Chair/President or Treasurer of the society
  • The application must support the aims of the society, as stated within the society's 2020-2021 constitution
  • The application must clearly outline the ways in which the society plans to increase student engagement or membership satisfaction
  • The application must have a clear plan of how the money will be spent and the strategies in place to ensure that it stands the best chance of successfully delivering the proposed activity
  • The application must indicate how success will be measured, and what will constitute a successful delivery
  • The application must be submitted within the relevant time frame to allow for all union procedures to be met with regards to the activity that the funding is supporting
  • The Union will not allocate funding retrospectively

Point of Consideration

Items that CANNOT be funded (some of the below are not applicable for CEDPS /CHLS Academic societies, and the CEDPS/CHLS funding criteria will be shown when you commence the below funding request form).


Suggested Alternative/Additional Information

Events exclusively for the committee

Society events should be open to all society members

Large or expensive one-off promotional materials (e.g. banners and roll-ups)

You should consider investing in re-useable materials such as banners with no dates

Social balls or galas (except cultural events)

Social balls or galas should charge a ticket price to cover event costs

Personal items (e.g. personalised hoodies, uniform, personal equipment, freebies)

Union funding should cover the cost of items that benefit the whole society (e.g. costumes, equipment)



Food or Drink for society events

Instead, you should consider charging a small entry fee (even if it’s 50p!) to cover the cost of snacks and refreshments. 

Individual affiliation to governing bodies, associations, or groups


Any applications that go against the Union of Brunel Students’ Constitution, Bye-Laws, Policy and Motions.


Submitting your In-Year Grant Funding Application Form for 2020-2021

All requests must be submitted via the online form below.

When requesting funding, please provide as much information as possible, in line with the criteria and points of consideration listed above. Most importantly, please provide a realistic breakdown of the amount you are requesting, for example:

£250 in total

£100 – fresher’s week dance performance on the quad – purchase costumes and stage make up (£60), print marketing materials (£20), donation to student photographer (£20)

£50 – subsidise 50% of 10 members tickets to a Women in Leadership conference in London

£100 – 1x minibus hire for trip

What happens to my form once submitted?

Student Activities will review all application forms to ensure that each application has enough information to make a decision.

Once sufficient information is submitted, the application will be discussed and reviewed by the Societies Guild Committee, after which a decision will be made by the committee on how much funding shall be awarded.

The Societies Guild Committee is made up of six elected students and is chaired by the Vice President Student Activities, Connie Fernandes and Societies Administrator, Stephanie Murphy. The committee meet fortnightly during term time, so depending on when the application is submitted, it will be put on the next meeting’s agenda.

If you have any questions, feel free to pop into the Student Activities Office, or email the societies administrator at