Brunel Student Societies

The Union of Brunel Students has over 100 Societies, including Cultural, Academic, Campaigning, Performance, Faith and General Interest societies. Societies are Student-Led Groups that are supported by the Union to create spaces where students can become part of a community. They are organised by elected committees who then work with their members.
Below you can find links to all of the things you need to enjoy Societies here at Brunel. If you're a new student or you've been here a while - You might be interested in joining one of our Societies. If you're a committee member - You might be interested in our resources below and how to get in contact with our staff and officers. And finally, you might be interested in starting your own society - We're here to help you create a unique activity here at Brunel.

If you'd like to find out how to create your own Society, then click here.
And to find out about events that Clubs and Societies are running, then check out our WhatsOn Page here.