Brunel Art


Brunel's Art Society aims to create a relaxing and peaceful environment for all students to come and explore their creative sides! We offer drawing classes, painting sessions and much more!


At Art Society, we aim to create a safe and relaxed environment for students of all abilities for FREE

As fellow students we understand the stress & anxiety that can come with our academic responsibilities, hence we strive to make a time where our peers can come and take a break! 

We are a fairly new society which offers casual creative activities like no other! These include, painting and drawing classes, themed sessions and a social space. 

We will be hosting many events and competitions throughout the year.

Come along and interact with a range of different students & connect throught art. 

Everyone is welcome regardless of artistic ability & we will strive to accomodate to everyone's needs or preferences. 

If you are someone looking for a fun & lively yet peaceful space you have come to the right place! 



Amatul Khan: Chair 

Raihan Mahbub: Secretary 

Zafir Khan: Treasurer

Anton Lopez: Marketing Director




  • Brunel Art Standard Membership£0.00

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