This is a society for all those who have or are interested in centre and right wing views and philosophies. A friendly environment to share your views whether Thatcherite or Liberal.

We are the Brunel Conservative Society. A social society for students interested in and/or supportive of the UK Conservative party or conservatism as an ideology we aim to provide a comfortable place to share your views and make friends among those with similar beliefs.

We are a very social group who take part in a number of activities. We will be holding a variety of events in the coming year including socials, guest speaker talks, trips and occasionally help campaigning although this is optional. Anyone is welcome to join and come to our events.

We have had many guest speakers coming to some of our events such as Boris Johnson, John Randall, Jacob Rees-Mogg, David Simmonds and Ray Puddifoot to name a few.

Most of our events can be found via our Facebook group Brunel Conservative Society, please get in touch if you would like more info through messaging or via email.

If you are a Brunel student, please sign up using the Standard Membership button; if you are not a current Brunel staff or student, please sign up using the Associate Membership button.


If you are interested in joining the Conservative Party here is a link to where you can join.


If you have any feedback for the society don't hesitate to email us at


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