Brunel Rounder’s is a young but exciting club. It’s all about having fun, relieving stress and as a bonus getting some exercise! We welcome everyone, both males and females from those who have played competitive Rounder’s before to those who have never played at all.

We have a dedicated committee who manage the club and are always welcome to any suggestions on how to improve the club. Not only are we a great sports club we also have numerous socials that allow the team to really get to know each other which in-turn makes the Rounder’s experience more enjoyable. Finally we also take part in matches with other universities which caters for those of you who like a bit of healthy competition.

So whether you are looking for a club which is easy going, allows you to make friends and enjoy the social aspect or a club that plays as a team that aims to win in matches against others. Then Rounder’s is for you!


Please contact Ellie Hiatt on our social media with any enquires. 


Training Times: Sundays 1-3 Multiuse

Meet our Commitee:

Chair: Eleanor Hiatt

Vice Chair: Niamh Coyle 

Treasurer: Benjamin perkins

Secretary: Natasha Spoard



  • Rounders Standard Membership£0.00
  • Rounders Associate Membership£0.00

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