Calisthenics translates as 'beautiful strength' which is something our Club is passionate about encouraging and promoting for all Brunel University students. We support physical and mental wellbeing.

Brunel Calisthenics welcomes everybody with open arms. Whether you are complete beginner or already know a trick or two there is something our Club can offer to each and everyone of you. We are an easy-going friendly bunch of students who thrive on supporting each other to reach the various goals we set ourselves throughout the year.

Be warned... Calisthenics is addictive! If you want to experience the true joy, achievement, satisfaction and gains (in every sense of what this means to you) you can find through this amazing sport join us for what we guarantee will be an unforgettable year!

Brunel Calisthenics boasts state of the art fitness frames available for students to use during the classes, where you'll be taught how to increase your muscular strength, reduce bodyfat and put on skeletal muscle mass. Alongside this you'll learn the benefits of yoga, foam rolling and more, to make sure you're recovering outside of sessions just as much as you'll be getting stronger during the classes.

We're proud to say we can also offer workshops with some of the biggest and strongest names in the UK Calisthenics industry at a discounted price for all Brunel Calisthenics members, and alongside the fitness there will be some interesting and awesome socials you'll want to get involved with. Come meet your fitness family away from home and train with Brunel Calisthenics!

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When do we meet?

Training 2017/18

Monday (push ups), Tuesday (legs), Wednesday (stretching/ running) and Thursday (abs) 7am to 8am - Isambard Dance Studio
Friday (pull ups) 7am - 8am - Exercise Hall (Sports Centre)
Wednesday 7pm to 9pm - Exercise Hall (Sports Centre)
Saturday 10am to 12pm - Isambard Dance Studio
Sunday 12pm to 2pm - Exercise Hall (Sports Centre) OR Isambard Studio - you will be notified of location before each Sunday session


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Calisthenics Fitness Challenge
19th September 11am - 4pm
Outdoor Bars




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