This year the Union took a step forward by creating a new Team Brunel brand, through the design of a new logo and a partnership with Surridge Sport, in order to create a unified brand for all sports clubs. The logo was designed to represent both the heritage and success of Brunel and a distinct, modern approach showing unity and forward thinking. John Pagan of Surridge Sport said, ‘Surridge Sport are delighted to be partnering with the Union of Brunel Students to develop their Bespoke Sports Kit and Teamwear for Team Brunel. We are confident that this will be the start of a long relationship with the Union, and we look forward to helping grow this new brand into one that truly reflects the high standards that both Brunel and Surridge have always represented.’


Team Brunel

The Union has a fantastic record of achievement in sport on both a competitive and non-competitive level. Team Brunel has been ranked as highly as 18th in the BUCS rankings and is a regular top 40 institution out of over 140. However, despite the high standards and BUCS point totals that we regularly achieve, our sports clubs are open to all students, regardless of ability or experience. We pride ourselves on a combination of high achievement and high participation levels.

The West London Varsity

Brunel takes on St. Mary's in a battle for the West London Varsity title. This year we will be hosting the event on Wednesday 29th March. Find out more here.

Find a club

Whether you’re looking to play competitively or recreationally, there is no better time to find a club that interests you! Especially with the extremely large list and variety of sports clubs we have available, rest assured there is something for everybody! So be sure to check the list of the current sports clubs on the Union of Brunel Students’ website.

Find a club here


Join a club

To join a Sports Club all you have to be is a Brunel Student and to buy your Sports Federation Membership. This memberships insures you against any accidents when taking part. Click here to find out more. If you are staff or alumni can also be involved as associate members. To buy your membership please visit the Union Reception (This membership does not allow you to compete in BUCS events)


Start a club

Feel like there’s a sport you’re interested in but it does not currently exist at the university? Well why not be the person to change that? Just drop into the Student Activities office on the main concourse or email Student Activities

History in the making

Brunel has a great sporting history, famously starting at Borough Road; it held significant importance for the college in establishing a strong sports development foundation dating back to the 19th century. As a result, sport has always been a key driver as part of the university experience and as such has received excellent support from the University and the Union of Brunel Students.