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📢 Attention, Brunel University Students! 📢


The Union of Brunel Student's Annual General Meeting (AGM) is just around the corner, and you won’t want to miss it! 🎉

🗓️ When: Thursday, 18th April 2024, at 12:00 PM 

🏢 WhereThe Venue (Hamilton Centre)

🔑 Remember: Bring your Student ID card for entry—it’s your golden ticket to this engaging event.



  1. Be Part of the Conversation: The AGM is your chance to shape the future of the Union of Brunel Students. It’s a vibrant forum where students from all walks of life come together to debate, discuss, and decide.

  2. Your Voice Matters: As a student member, your opinion counts! Use this platform to voice your thoughts, share ideas, and influence the direction of our student community.

  3. Transparency and Democracy: The Union of Brunel Students is yours, and the AGM is where we collectively chart our course. It’s a transparent organisation, run by students, for students.

  4. Meet the New Officers: Get acquainted with the freshly elected officers for 24/25. Discover their plans, aspirations, and vision for a better Brunel.

  5. Project Updates: We’ll spill the beans on the democratic review focus groups held in March. Plus, find out what exciting steps lie ahead!

  6. FREE FOOD - we will be providing free pizza to all those attending in-person.

  7. Attend for a chance of winning - each student who attends will enter into a draw to win one of five £20 amazon vouchers!



During past Annual General Meetings, students have actively shaped the course of our student community. Here’s a glimpse of some impactful motions passed by students in previous gatherings:

  1. Enhancing Governance: A motion to update the Union’s governance and introduce new postgraduate representation.

  2. Advocating for Students: Students voted to lobby for tuition fees rebates for home, EU, and international students, considering the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic

  3. Fixed Fees Advocacy: The Union championed the cause of fixed fees for international students, ensuring fairness and predictability

  4. Climate Crisis Focus: Students united to emphasise the climate crisis and support the campaign against the Third Runway at Heathrow.

  5. Brunel Student Justice: The Student Union received backing to support Brunel Student Justice—a student group who ran a rent strike to help secure an exit to on campus rental contracts during COVID-19

  6. Tuition Fee Reduction: Students called for a reduction in tuition fees, advocating for accessible education.

Your participation matters! Join us at this year’s AGM to continue shaping the future of Brunel University. 🙌🎓🌟



If you are unable to attend the meeting in person then you can attend on Teams:

Meeting ID: 389 163 968 154

Passcode: DoDyLC




  1. Members present, attendees present, Apologies for Absence.
  2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting - See AGM Doc 1.
  3. Matters Arising - Student Voice – Discussion. Updates on progress with the democratic review including what is next.
  4. Motions to revoke or amend the Constitution or Bye-Laws
  5. Motions
  6. Student Matters - Meet the 24/25 officers – Discussion/Questions An opportunity for any Student to ask a question to our current officer team and our 24/25 newly elected officers.
  7. Trustee Report - See AGM Doc 2. Presented by Chair of Trustees.
  8. Student Assembly Report - See AGM Doc 3. Presented by Student Assembly Chair/Vice chair.
  9. Union Accounts and Budget - See AGM Doc 2. Presented by the Chief Executive.
  10. Executive Committee Report - See AGM Doc 4. Presented by the Officers.
  11. Affiliations - See AGM Doc 5. Presented by the Chief Executive.
  12. Honorary Memberships - See AGM Doc 6.
  13. AGM reform - Discussion How do we make this meeting less boring and more interesting? What should we discuss at AGM?