UEFA Champions League Final

UEFA Champions League Final

Tottenham vs. Liverpool

Sit down in Loco's with a refreshing drink of your choice and watch history unfurl.

This is the third time in history that a European competition has been contested by two English teams. It's the first time ever that Spurs have ever got the final of the Champions League since it's creation 64 years ago and the third chance for Liverpool to win since 2005 after being the runners up in both 2007 and 2018.

The anticipation is palpable, the tension is high and it's the last day that Loco's will be open till Freshers Week, 2019.

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Not enough sport for you? Remember we're playing all the big sports here at Loco's including the Europa League Final between Arsenal and Chelsea and the FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Watford. Check out our full list of games here.

Event Details

  Saturday 01 June 2019

  8pm - 10pm

  Loco's Bar, Hamilton Centre

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