Body-image, Yoga and You

Body-image, Yoga and You

Body image concerns how we think and feel about our physical body, and how we believe others see us. 

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by images of airbrushed bodies and lifestyle advertising that promotes the need to purchasing 'things' to make us happy', it is easy to feel a sense of lack or unworthiness. This can have a significant impact on the way we relate to ourselves and others, our bodies and our yoga practice.

This workshop explores the belief systems we have about ourselves, the power of social media and its impact on our day-to-day thinking, decision-making and our self-worth. We will look at what ‘body image’ means and explore ways to better cope with issues around personal body image.

Through the yoga practice element, we will learn how to tune out from external noise and pressure and draw our awareness ‘in’– returning to a sense of completeness. We will explore how the body can be a great source of information and feedback, leaving with a greater sense of compassion for who we are.

You only need a chair or mat, notebook and a quiet place to participate.

Event Details

  Wednesday 27 January 2021

  2pm - 4pm



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