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Varsity is the one day sports tournament fought out between Team Brunel Sports Clubs from the Union of Brunel Students and St. Mary's University Students' Union.

It's an opportunity for students to work out who is the best at Rugby, Football, Netball, Lacrosse, Cricket and many more.

After a resounding victory in 2022, It’s time to protect what is ours and ensure we retain the Varsity Cup!

The ticket includes:

  • Varsity t-shirt,
  • Supporters clapper (doubles up as the event timetable) 
  • Transport to and from St Mary's.

We have a set amount of t-shirts available in each size, so order ASAP if you want to gaurantee that your size is available.

The t-shirt is your event ticket and you can only gain entry to the coaches and sports venues if you are wearing your t-shirt and show your student ID. All players will also need to purchase an event ticket to be eligible to take part.

All of the sports venues will have security at the entrances, so no t-shirt and student ID, no entry!

Details of the ticket collection will be sent out to all purchasers in the run up to the event, so keep any eye on your emails for this.

After Party: We'll soon be releasing tickets for the Official Team Brunel Varsity Afterparty, so keep an eye out for this on our What's On page.

See the 2023 Varsity T-shirt:

Please see the event timetable: