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Record Society: Term 1 Recap

Meetings, Events and Term 2!

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Hello Everyone,


First of all, we hope all of you have settled into term 1 (You can always join our society if not) had a successful exam week and are looking forward to Christmas and the New Year, I know I certainly am.


Term 1

Going all the way back to the start, we hope all of you were able to see us at Freshers Fair and had the opportunity to talk to us, we had a great time speaking to you all and hope you did too.

We've had a successful term 1 so far, listening to 12 albums and not skipping a week. The best album was Amy Winehouse - Back to Black which got a score of 7.95, chosen by Miguel. Unfortunatly for Pav, his choice of The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language was unanimoulsy hated and only got a 3.8, maybe one of you next term can be disliked even more if you're lucky.

If you want to see all the ratings, click here:

Aside from our weekly meetings, we hosted a few pub nights which was a great ice-breaker and a proper freindship group has been made, which goes beyond the society itself which we are very glad to see.


Term 2

Looking forward, there is Re-freshers Fair on the 12th of January, 12-4pm in The Venue/Atrium. Whether you're joining in the new term or a current student wanting to join new societies, this is a great chance to come up and talk to us, learn about the society and get in on all the plans! If there are any current members who would like to help out, let us know :)

After that, we will be hosting a movie night on the 15th of January, 7pm. We expect to watch The Pick of Destiny (topical, I know) and it is open to anyone reading this. We see it as a great opportunity to get to know everybody, relax after exam week and just socialise.

Furthermore, we have other ambitions such as hosting a charity and volunteering event to get the society a higher ranking. For the charity event, I am liasoning to see of the possibility of hosting a 24 hour Record Club, full of music, games and a great lack of sleep. If you have any suggestions of events for this or just in general please tell us and we'll see. Otherwise we want to do more events such as movie nights, maybe to the cinema and gig trips.

For the new term our usual weekly meetings will start on the 19th of January (a week after Re-freshers Fair) with the album being my choice, so you better like it. From then we'll go into our rotation of randomly choosing one of you to choose the album for the following weeks.

For al the latest info follow us on Instagram:


Thanks for reading if you did, we hope to see you in the new term!

Jay - Chair :)


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