Who are the members of Student Assembly?

The following individuals have been elected to represent the views of students at Student Assembly for the 2018-19 academic year.

Student Assembly is chaired by Sahil Hamid


Executive Committee Members

President, Ranjeet Rathore

Vice President Student Activities, George Wardle

Vice President College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Anvitha Paruchuri

Vice President College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, Peri Sherif

Vice President College of Health and Life Sciences, Maria Valada

Environment and Ethics Officer, Anastasia Walters

International Students Officer, Om Sai Jaman Jyothi

Community Campaigns Officer,  Sohaib Arshad

Disabled Students Officer, Sean Cullen

Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer, IQBAL MIAH

LGBT+ Officer, Finn Grice


Department Representative Members

Electronic and computer engineering department, Jason Francis Xavier

Mechanical and Aerospace engineering Department, Mars Burke

Arts and Humanities Department, Jake Pointer

Brunel Business School, Kanishq Batra

Social and Political Sciences Department, Amanda Martins Harrison

Law Department, Priscilla Peralta

Economics & Finance Department, Nathaniel Befekadu

Education Department, Donna-Marie Holder

Life Sciences Department, Mohamed Fidow

LBIC, Vaibhav Agarwal


Community Members

Abir Khan

Anusha Adil

Awais Khan

Garvit Gupta

Hamza Hamad Arif

Malik Kamran

Manjyot Singh Kalra

Moin Asghar

Muhammad Amun Masud

Pritesh Milan Shah

Ridhima Malhotra

Safdar Anvar

Tamanna Miglani

Unaiza Rizwan Kazi

Vasundhara Seth


Team Brunel Committee 

Sam Johnson

Niamh Coyle


Societies Guild Committee

No current members