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LGBT+ History Month

Upcoming events for LGBT+ History Month 2022.

Starting February, LGBT+ History Month will bring events and celebrations of LGBT+ history, by LGBT+ people. Before the party though, it’s important to remember why this month exists.


LGBT+ History Month is celebrated at different times, depending on the country. In the US, it’s celebrated in October, to commemorate National Coming Out Day and the anniversaries of the first and second marches on Washington for LGBT+ rights. Here, in the UK, it’s celebrated through February, alongside the celebrations of Section 28’s abolishment ?— a legislative act that prohibited the ‘promotion of homosexuality’ by local authorities, such as schools.


Currently, despite improvement in laws and social acceptance, LGBT+ people still face many obstacles and barriers. In universities, 42% of LGBT+ students reported hiding their identity in fear of discrimination and 28% say they’ve been excluded by other students due to their identity. Outside of university-specifics, 64% of LGBT+ people have reported experiencing violence or abuse, with 34% LGBT+ people who were from a racial and/or ethnic minority having experienced this in the past year.


Right now, same-sex relationships are criminalised in 70 countries, with the death penalty being practiced in 11 of them.


While LGBT+ month is a time for celebration and connection, it is also a time to remember the dangers and difficulties LGBT+ people have and still face.



What’s Planned? Talks, Poetry, and Drag


A poetry evening at Antonin Artaud and Zoom for 4:30pm on the 9th is in the works, one where you could participate in. Anyone and everyone is invited to come along, with poetry focused on or inspired by LGBT+ themes. If you fancy yourself a poet or just have a poem by someone you admire that you’d want to share, you can contact LGBT+ Officer Kira Nelson at or fill in this form to show your own work and unique perspective on the LGBT+ experience with many others doing just the same.


The event will be available in person and live streamed. This is for both students who can’t come in person and anyone who wants to perform but aren’t available on the day. If that last one’s you, you can send in a pre-recorded video of your poetry and not miss the celebrations! Just make sure the video is filmed horizontally and includes an introduction; your name, what you study/have studied and current job, that your video is for Brunel’s Poetry evening in honour of LGBT+ History Month.


Videos and in-person performances can last for as long as your set is – ideally 5-7 minutes – but feel free to talk to Kira or someone else if you’re looking for a bit more flexibility.



Guest speaker, Dr. Anna Carlile, has been booked to do a Zoom talk on the 17th from 3pm - 4pm, titled 'The Buddhist Centre and the Ballet Class: An Intersectional Approach to LGBTQ Inclusion in Education)’. Head of Educational Studies and senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, Dr Carlile’s research and teaching focuses on intersectionality, highlighting the importance of inclusive education for LGBT+ individuals and people of colour. Her talk will be on how LGBT+ experiences intersect with faith, neurodiversity, and socioeconomic class in education, with a Q&A at the end of the hour. Get your free ticket here!



Lastly, we’ll be working closely with Spectra as usual, fundraising for them with a drag show, Brunel Belles and Whistles, on the 21st in The Venue. Just like the poetry event, this one has you in mind too! As with any good party, things will start at 10pm and continue on until 3am. Keep an eye out if you’re wanting to show off your own drag, we’ll be sure to have more news about this one soon.



While some activities are still in the early stages, it’s already shaping up to be a fun, educational month, one we hope to see you at!