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West London Varsity 2023

Varsity 2023

Dust off your kits, slap on that yellow and blue paint, Varsity is back for 2023!

On the 29th of March Team Brunel will make their way South to compete in what is set to be another hard-fought Varsity against St Mary's University.

Going head-to-head in Netball, Football, Lacrosse, Tennis and many more, this is a chance for students representing Team Brunel and St Mary's University to compete in one of the biggest sporting competitions of the year, with each fixture and event contributing valuable points to each Universities final score. Whichever team racks up the most points will determine where the trophy will call home next. 

This year Varsity is taking place at St Mary's on the 29th of March 2023, so be sure to keep this day marked on your calendar, along with time put aside for the official Varsity Afterparty in the evening!

Tickets are on sale now here!