Islamic Awareness Month

This is a campaign to raise awareness of the religion of Islam and bring students from different backgrounds together to share and learn in a positive light, whilst raising awareness of current issues and working towards reducing Islamophobia.


The IAM BRUNEL campaign really well here at Brunel! We had some super successful events across the board that fulfilled our IAM vision. There was a really positive vibe all around campus with a range of different events going on, aiming to create a campaign that focused on Islamic Awareness than purely Islamaphobia. It was so much fun to be able to place a more positive twist on the month, which resulted in many more students from different backgrounds getting involved. 


We hosted a wide range of various events that allowed for open-ended questions to be asked about Islam in a safe environment, which in turn promoted awareness, a key goal of our IAM month here at the Union. We enjoyed a wonderful Food Festival courtesy of Chartwells, which incorporated a wide range of typically Muslim cuisine that students and staff alike were able to delve into in celebration. We even hosted a talk about Muslim History, where we were able to spread awareness of the history of the religion as well as highlighting breakthroughs from women in Islam. Not only that, but we hosted the IAM Football Tournament, which ended up being the biggest Charity Football Tournament of the year with 16 teams and over 170 people playing! We managed to raise a WHOPPING £640 from the Football, so a huge thank you to each and every person who came along and supported us!


As a result of all the hard work of everyone who participated and was part of organising each and every one of these IAM events, our SU President Ranjeet is now negotiating with the university to get more Halal food on campus. We also raised a whopping total of over £800 for charity! A massive thank you to everyone involved, here's to IAM 2019!