Big White Wall- a good place to be

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Stressed with your workload, friends and family or money worries? Looking for support over difficult period? If you’re feeling down or struggling to cope, Big White Wall offers 24/7, anonymous online support and is free for all students at Brunel University London. Simply go to to join this supportive online community and start feeling better. Select "United Kingdom" option and sign in with your university email for free membership*.  


Big White Wall is a safe, therapeutic, supportive and creative outlet for releasing and resolving unexpressed emotional issues that may otherwise have a negative impact on individuals’ lives and those around them.  It provides a space in which people can exercise choice and responsibility to self-manage their emotional issues and improve wellbeing.

It is a completely confidential and anonymous peer support community which is assisted by trained counsellors 24/7.

You can talk to others who have lived through similar experiences, share freely in safe and confidential environment or access useful resources. There are some popular short courses, for example Managing Negative Thinking or Anxiety. You can find how it works here

We have heard extremely positive feedback from our students (those who talked confidentialy to us) and you can find more feedback here


* Brunel University has purchased 150 membership licences. There are about 50 free places left. If you have difficulties in signing up, please do let us know and we will pass it on to Head of Student Services who may decide to purchase further licences.