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Attending university can bring new pressures, from studying and maintaining academic scores to living away from home and joining new peer groups. Finding a balance between course work and a social life is important as each will assist with the other; after all, we can gain in confidence when we work hard and get the results we desire, just as we can feel confident in our abilities if we are lucky to have good friends and a reliable support network around us.

As university takes over so many aspects of our life, we tend to think of our life only from within term time. Inevitably there will be holiday periods, when university life will fall away and we return to the outside world. In this space our old insecurities and anxieties can resurface, our independence can feel hampered or indeed we can even feel isolated and lonely.

For Brunel University students there is free access to Big White Wall’s anonymous peer support community. This online community is available 24/7 so no matter where you are, day or night, you can always drop in to share your thoughts or feelings, chat to other members or if you don’t feel like talking you can express yourself visually by creating a ‘brick’ for the wall. A major benefit of Big White Wall is the focus on anonymity, which as one student member has reflected, “It's just really nice to talk to people who don't know you, because then they don't know your past and they can't judge you, so you can talk to someone without being scared that anything will get out of Big White Wall. Like, what happens in Big White Wall stays in Big White Wall.”

Within the peer support community there is always someone to talk to, but even if it’s very late and you think no one is around we will always have a Wall Guide standing by. Wall Guides keep an eye on discussions and make sure everyone feels safe, or as our student member puts it: “The comforting thing about it is knowing that there's professionals constantly monitoring it.” For all our members this means there is no bullying, no outrageous comments and no one is left behind.

The Christmas and New Year vacation period can be stressful for many of us, especially when returning home after a long time away, or even staying in a new place. Our confidence to tackle the situation can diminish at the thought alone, but knowing Big White Wall is at hand can help. Our student member has described how after using the service they have met so many more people “through Big White Wall giving me the confidence to talk to others,” which of course will be of huge benefit to them when they sit back down to tackle exams and successfully graduate at the end of the next term.

Whether it is during term time or over the vacation period, Big White Wall is free to use by all Brunel University students 24/7. Simply click on the join now button at to get started on your journey to feeling better.