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European Students- student funding deadline about to expire!

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The government is changing the criteria of entitlement to student funding for European students.

EU students are entitled to tuition fee loan. However, a small group of European students are entitled to more than tuition fee loan- they can also borrow money towards living costs. These students must have lived in UK for 3 years, prior to the begining of their course, for purposes other than mainly education

For example, if you came to UK with your parents and studied for your A Levels here- that could mean that you are entitled, because although you were in education- this was not a main reason for your presence in UK, you simply were here because your family was here. Remember- you have to count back 3 years from 1st of September in the year your university course started.

The government is now proposing that such students would have to lived in UK for 5 years before first day of their course. This change will be implemented on 25th of March 2016.

So to clarify, if an EU student wants to apply for maintenance funding, then they apply as a home student – Online Applications are live!

If you think that you may be eligible, apply here without delay- even if you are part way through your course and want to apply for the current academic year.

This information applies only to continuing students, as application forms for new students will not be available till April.

Seek further advice from the Advice and Representation Centre or Student Centre if you are unsure.