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Examinations are coming!

When, what, where- the essential information for successful examination

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The main exam period is rapidly approaching. It is scheduled for Weeks 32, 33 and 34, and that’s the 28th April until the 16th May 2014.

Examinations Timetable has been published you should notice that the afternoon start times have changed this year, exams will start at 09:30 and 14:30.

Late is still late. Please don’t arrive late as if you do you won’t be allowed to sit your exam. Last year we had 67 incidents of students arriving late. We don’t want you to be one of them. You should arrive at the venue 20 minutes before the published start time and wait outside until instructed to enter.

28th of March-  Students with additional requirements must have reported to the Disability and Dyslexia Service (DDS)  to ensure there is time for assessment, for DDS to provide a support profile and for schools to make the consequent arrangements.


There are two main venues being used this year:

Indoor Athletic Centre (IAC) with candidate entry at the back (the opposite end to the concourse). 

Lecture Centre (LC)  with candidate entry via the main entrance by the Quad.

Seat numbers will be on lists at the IAC and LC room entrances, and staff will be on hand to help you find your desk.

Candidates with specific requirements will be located in other rooms, such as computer labs, as will candidates requiring adjustments.  This year it will be detailed on your timetable accordingly, with schools providing details of adjustment arrangements made for students with a support profile beyond additional time and use of a PC.


You must not have your mobile phone, wearable technology, wallet, notes or other such items on your person in the exam room.  (You will have opportunity to put these items in a bag under your desk.)  If you are found to have such items during an exam you will be in breach of Senate Regulations and a report will be submitted to your school and may be passed to a disciplinary panel.

The Examinations Policy as well as Student Guide for Examinations can be found via the timetable login page.


Examinations are of course stressful, but if it is all getting too much, don’t forget the University Counselling Service, which is available to help you make it through.



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