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It's good to talk! Successful negotiations with the University on future of Scholarship Programme

Union officers have persuaded the university to be one of the most progressive and student-friendly National Scholarship Programme(NSP)provider in UK.

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On 28th November 2013 the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) confirmed a reduction to the National Scholarship Programme (NSP). This came as a surprise and we did not welcome such news given that the main purpose of this scholarship is to benefit students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

On the 3rd December our officers negotiated with the University to get a better deal for Brunel students.  As a result we are very happy to announce that we have effectively persuaded the University to give more cash to students. The main difference was to provide the scholarships in cash; whereas before students were mainly offered a fee waiver.

This means that students will be given meaningful choices, which will increase the money going directly into students’ pockets. We believe that working with the University on this issue, we have succeeded in ensuring that students are the real winners.

Those new arrangements will apply to a new cohort of students who will join us in 2014/15 and we are proud to say that the UBS is working steadily and surely towards improving the experience of our membership.

The terms of conditions on 2014/15 Undergraduate Scholarships can be found here