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Looking For A House? What Does Guarantor Mean?

When you start to look for your private rent accommodation and register for a property the letting agent/landlord will require you to get a parent/relative to be your Guarantor for the duration of the tenancy.

Where a Guarantor has entered into an agreement, this means that in the event of a tenant being unable to meet their obligations under the tenancy agreement, whether it is for overdue rent, damage to the property or whatever, the Guarantor is legally bound to accept the liabilities on behalf of the tenant. A Guarantor is like an insurance policy for the landlord or lettings agent against the tenant defaulting on the rent.

Most student tenants will sign a joint tenancy where the tenants are individually and severally responsible. This means the Guarantor is, in effect guaranteeing not just the tenant they specifically have association with, but any of the other tenants as well.

A Guarantor's application form is normally set out in two parts and is signed by the Guarantor and the Landlord:

Part 1 is almost identical to the tenant reference check and requires information on the following:

  • The property being rented out
  • Guarantor's personal details
  • Residency information
  • CCJ's
  • Employment history
  • Accountants, solicitors, character referee
  • Declaration accepting credit search etc & signature


Part 2 is the Guarantor's agreement with the landlord. This states:

  • The date of the agreement
  • The signatures and names of the parties that are making the agreement
  • The property concerned
  • The names of the tenant(s)


And finally what exactly the Guarantor is agreeing to:

  • If the tenant defaults in the payment of rent laid down as per the tenancy agreement, the guarantor will pay the landlord.
  • If the tenant does not observe his/her obligations as set out in the agreement, the guarantor will pay all losses, damages, expenses and costs that are incurred as a result of the tenant's default.



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